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The Rights of Spring


Do you feel it knocking on the door?

The other day I was sitting in my office and looked out to see a pair of robins setting up house.  They are building a nest in my cedar bush.  It actually has a doorway for them to walk in and out.  It was amazing to watch them as they work. 

The snow is disappearing and the grass is being uncovered.  Moving here just before the snow came I did not have much time to get a feel for the land.  Now I go out and check out different areas of the property just to see what all is happening. 

There are lower areas where the water settles.  Within a day it is soaked into the ground and the puddles are gone.  There are higher areas where the ground is pretty solid and you do not loose your boot to the soft ground.   

There are a few gardens to be checked into this year.   What is growing there.  Where can I place some raised gardens and what am I going to plant are questions I am asking myself. 

On a bigger scale where are all the walking trails in the area?  Who will I find on those trails?  Are there any secret beaches and places to get to the lake?  

This year is a year of discovery.   It comes with the right of spring as the sun is longer in the sky and the earth is warming up.  

What are your rights of spring?