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Planting Seeds

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Planting seeds what does that actually mean?

Is it the act of physically going to the soil and placing seeds in to watch them grow?

Is it the start of a new idea, intention, routine into your life. It may not be fully in bloom although it is there and ready to blossom. Is it planting the seeds of wisdom into your own thoughts or the thoughts of others?

Or is it all of the above?

This is the time to plant those seeds. In the Celtic world one of the names is Imbolc. Many want to place a particular date to it, where as many celebrate it as a Season. A time to watch the Snow Drops blossom as they come out of the frosty ground.


Over the year the seeds grow. Some are faster than others and some take more than a year. There are even those seeds that die off and never blossom. It all depends on how you tend your garden and what is meant to grow.

Ask yourself, what seeds are you planting? Are you ready to nourish the seeds so that they grow, be they whatever they may be.

All it takes is one seed to take root.