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My story

Over the past 15 or so years I have been practicing Energy Medicine. During that time I engaged in an 8 year mentorship program with an elder where I learned Native and Celtic traditions. Approximately 6 years ago I added plants, dōTERRA Essential Oils, to my medicine bag. During the past two years, I have been learning and practicing Body Talk.

Body talk is all about Energy - Quantum Energy. Whether it be Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual. The practitioner works with the body’s innate wisdom through muscle checking and a series of yes and no questions. 

Body Talk is an energetic technique and therefore can be done in a “hands off” methodology.  A lot can be learned by engaging in a Body Talk Session.


I value the joy in life.  To make someone smile without them knowing why they are smiling.  To see peace in everything around you and inside of you.   To look into a crystal and trust that it is all better. 


A bit of history

I started out life with a bang, independent and wanting to learn everything that I could. Being outside was a passion although cutting grass for a living was probably not going to make ends meet. Therefore, I put myself into college and learned to work with my hands. I became a Master Goldsmith.

For 15 years I ran my own business. Then as life happens, the solvents and dust had me make a life choice. My lungs were getting sick, so I made the choice to change careers. Back to college I went and came out a few years later in Telecommunications Technology.

This lead to approximately 20 years working with computers, routers, switches and hunting bad guys for a living. I worked my way up to a top position in Network Security. It was a great position but, yes that but word, it was killing me inside. Something had to change.

I found that working with dōTERRA Oils changed my outlook on life. I was happier than I had been in years. Happy like when I was Santa's Elf making beautiful jewellery.

I left my position to follow a passion, my passion.

Now I am spending my time helping others realize their dreams.

Does following your passion make you smile?

I can say Yes it does... 

When you plant the seeds of Belief

You can see the Forest through the Trees