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Forest Through The Trees


I love forests. They teach us a lot of what life is all about.

There are big trees, little trees, different species of trees, plants and animals. Each helps the other to grow in some form.

The big trees tower above the little trees that are attempting to find their place in the forest. They teach the little trees to grow tall and strong. They even protect them as they grow. Shielding them from harsh sunlight that can burn their delicate new leaves, or from a pounding rain storm and fierce winds. All the while the little tree grows up and up and up.

As time goes on the big trees age and eventually die. This leaves space for the little trees that have been growing under the protection of the big tree. The little tree now takes it's place as the big tree. It has learned over the years what it must do so that it's seedlings can grow tall and keep the cycle going. There is an overlap that benefits each other.

Then there are those that may believe the little trees steal from the big trees as they are attempting to grow. They fight the big trees so that they do not starve and die. Even to the point of growing on the big tree and using it as their only source of food. They are competitive and want it all for themselves. The little tree is living in a world of scarcity. They have a believe there is not enough sunlight and water to go around, to the point of killing off others that help it to grow. Yes, they do grow but at what cost?

What if there is only one variety of apple, pear, blackberry or plum tree. We all know that the bees live better if they are able to pollenate different varieties and species of plants. That the pollen from one source feeds the other source. The bees are the transportation system.

Nature knows this is a good system.

To expand this last scenario, what if there was only one variety of what you were looking for? Be it an item, a procedure, advice or an activity. And only one place you could find that one variety. How can that place and variety grow? They do not have any other way to feed their knowledge or to offer to others. You as a person have no choice and may have to wear a size 7 when what you really need is a size 5 shoe.

They did not take into consideration that having other trees around that were of the same variety to help them to grow was actually a good thing.

There are two paths to take.

If you were a tree which is your path?

Do you see the forest through the trees?