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Let's Talk About It...

Let's talk about dōTERRA Essential Oils

There are so many ways to use these little brown bottles of plant essence.  Do you have a particular question as to what you can do with them?  A little shy or do not have time to fit in one of the classes I offer? Let's talk.

Book a 1 to 1 with me and let's get those answers you have been seeking.  Do I know it all?  Honestly, no.  Although I do have some resources that may put us onto the right path.  Let's find out.

30 Minute Conversation

Take 30 minutes to chat.  Get to know each other so we can help each other.

Moon Planning & Other Questions

You are curious about Moon Planning and have some questions?

You can also use this time to ask about Essential Oils or BodyTalk

BodyTalk Session

Booking an hour session that is based on both of our available times.