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What is she saying to you?

Walk with the Moon and find the path you are on. 


What is Moonology

Have you ever thought about "wishing" something into "being"?  Believe in the "Law of Attraction"?

Working with the Moon is just that.  It is following the Moon cycles and based on particular aspects of yourself, you can make things happen.   Always within reason of course. 

A bit of background information

Over the past 20 years or so, I followed the Moon as she made her way around the earth.  It was said - make wishes on the New Moon and let go on the Full Moon.  My wishes were sometimes answered but in most cases were not.  What was I doing to get these results?

I dug deeper and found someone well versed in Astrology and even more in the happenings of the Moon.  She had a course that I undertook.  Studied and learned what was required.  Now I have the basics of the science down and can use it with my intuition and experience. 

The results have been fabulous for myself and others who have decided to follow this protocol. 

I am now teaching others to work their own magic.


Moon Offerings

Your own piece of the puzzle in life

  • 12 Month Moon Planner

    Request a 12 Month Moon Planner.

    This can assist you in what to focus on during the Moon cycle.  In addition I will go over the Moon Planner with you and show you how it works. 

    There are also New Moon and Full Moon gatherings where you will learn more on how to work with your Moon cycle.

  • Moon Gatherings

    New Moon & Full Moon - Online

    Each month I lead people through the New and Full Moon Gatherings.  These are typically 60 minutes long.  

    We go through a protocol to anchor in our intentions, forgive ourselves and those around us then bring in gratitude.   These are simple and easy to do.  You can learn to do them on your own giving you more freedom to create what you want in your life.

Have a question?

Connect with me

You can send me an email.   Or better yet, book some time with me and let's chat.  That way you can get some instant answers to your questions.  There is no obligation, the choice is yours.