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What is the Dark Moon?

Each month the dark moon emerges. Cloaked in shadow, it captivates our curiosity and invites us to dream the dream awake. Take a moment and delve into the nature of the dark moon and its influence on us all.

The dark moon, is the last few hours before the New Moon emerges.  It symbolizes a moment of stillness and introspection. Similar to the Sun standing still at Summer and Winter Solstice. During this phase, the moon aligns with the sun, obscuring its illuminated face from our view. The night sky embraces darkness, allowing us to take a look inside.

In its concealment, the dark moon embodies a space in time. Sort of like waiting for the starter's pistol in a race.  A void, a space of potential and beginnings. Just as a seed germinates in darkness before reaching toward the light, the dark moon signifies a time of incubation and inner growth. It beckons us to embark on introspective journeys, to explore the depths of our thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Emotionally, the dark moon holds a mysterious sway over us. Its subtle energy acts as a catalyst, amplifying emotions that often remain hidden beneath the surface. Restlessness, introspection, and even melancholy may rise to prominence during this phase. It is a time when unresolved feelings seek recognition, nudging us to confront and process them with gentleness and understanding.

It is a time to clear a path so that growth can happen.  Clearing this path only means putting some things to the side.  You may pick them up again at a later time, if you feel that is the right thing to do 

In its darkness of it's beauty, the dark moon unveils an opportunity for self-reflection and personal transformation. As we honour its presence, we embrace the depths of our emotions and embark on inner journeys of growth. Let us cherish the mystery of the dark moon, recognizing its role as a guide and catalyst for our emotional well-being. By venturing into the hidden realms within ourselves, we discover the potential for renewal and embrace the beauty of darkness as a source of wisdom and evolution.