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What is dragon?

I was asked today a simple question.  

Would you have any dragon lore that you can share with me?  Anything I can read that you think is a good source?

It opened a can of "worms" so to speak.  The first question to answer is "what is Dragon?".  From there you can delve into the lore. 

That is a great question.  Here is my short answer.

I sent a story about DragonFly and a story about Lizard.

A question came back... "Anything specific to dragons?"

I added... 

In the mind's eye Dragon can be a perspective of what we have been taught, seen in pictures, movies or possibly spun in words.  Pictures of Dragon are bigger than life lizards, dinosaurs and reptiles to name a few.  Some are snake like, some have wings and tough scales. 

Is what we understand as Dragon an illusion? I hazard the answer as "no".  It is the energy that we feel.  Terms like "Face the Dragon" come from a form of fear of not wanting to fight your demons or tackle a tough situation.  

Dragon is said to sleep long years and then rise when they hear the call. 

DragonFly gives us the gift of Illusion and dreamtime.  Can DragonFly give us the illusion of great size and appearance? Lizard gives us the gift of dreaming.  With Lizard can you dream anything into existence?

So the answer to "What is Dragon?" is what you find in illusion, in dreamtime.  What or who comes to you as a guide to assist you in unraveling Dragon and all that there is to offer?