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BodyTalk sessions last approximately 1 hour.  

They can be remote or in person, you choose.

They involve relaxing and opening up to the energies around you so that we can both listen to your body for the answers it needs.  During a preliminary consult we will go over this.

Cost $85 each or 5 for $327

Essential Emotions Coaching Sessions

Essential Emotions Coaching sessions are approximately 30 - 60 minutes in length.  It all depends on what we are working on and how deep we go.  We never go deeper than you are ready to go. 

Essential Emotions coaching sessions can be in person or remote

Essential Oils are a big part of the session.  We use them to help identify and move through different emotions you want to bring in or work on releasing. 

Cost $57 each or 3 Sessions for $127


AromaTouch &

Symphony of the Cells Sessions

These are in person only.  They are an application of specific essential oils on your back.  Each has a soft rhythmic application process.  You have time to relax and possibly fall asleep.  Each of these help to move you through the day to day knowing you are taking care of yourself. 

Cost: $65

Personal Moon Journey

Here we take a look at your natal chart, placement of the planets and where the Moon is sitting.  

This is not Astrology it is Moonology. 

Each person has their own unique spin with the Moon. She guides us and assists us on a daily basis.  The Personal Moon Journey helps to decode all of this. 

Cost Varies based on selection. Watch the video below to learn more.

Personal Moon Journey Video