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Products & Services Offered

for the Body Mind & Soul

BT Energy

BodyTalk Sessions

I offer a variety of BodyTalk Sessions

  • Individual Sessions - 1 hour each
  • A group of Individual Sessions - 1 hour each - 5 Sessions
  • A series of Individual Sessions spaced over 8 or 16 weeks
    • These include BodyTalk, AromaTouch, Symphony of the Cells, 12 Month Moon Planner, Essential Oils and more
    • They include some classes and learning opportunities
MoonManifest2 (1)

Manifest with the Moon

You will receive a personal 12 month Moon Planner

  • A 20 minute session to learn how to use the Moon Planner
  • The opportunity to attend New Moon and Full Moon teachings around the Moon and how it relates to your personal Moon Planner
  • See how it integrates into your ability to Manifest what you desire in your life

dōTERRA Essential Oils

You will be able to attend the FREE classes to help you understand how to use dōTERRA Essential Oils safely for your best benefits. 

You can schedule AromaTouch and Symphony of the Cells essential oil application sessions - Paid Service.

Learn how to integrate essential oils into your life daily.