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Personal Moon Journey

For those of you that are looking to manifest, organize your day, or want some guidance this can assist you. 

The majority of us watch for the New and Full Moons.  These are guides as to our emotions, energy levels to get things done and when we may feel a bit "off".  


The 12 Month Moon Journey is a guide to assist you through all of this.  It has the New and Full Moons listed based on your Birth/Natal Chart. We are each unique in this respect.  It adds on some Celtic and Aboriginal Teachings as well.  Soon it will have some other supporting materials for you to use.

For those that want to go a bit deeper ......

Each few days the Moon changes Zodiac Signs.  With these changes comes a change in what you may want to do or not do.  Knowing the theme of the day can assist you in all of this.  The chart outlines the themes so that you can see why you are emotional one day and a go getter the next. 


I will need your birth date, location and time of birth to build your personal moon journey.  You can use the following times if your's is unknown

Midnight, 6AM, Noon, 6PM

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12 Month Personal Moon Journey

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